Indoor and Outdoor touch screen kiosk

Our kiosk are made for public use; waterproof IP54, vandal proof, ultra bright for daylight readable, very strong bright stainless AISI 3016, capacitive touch screen, secured electronic far from the ground, accessibility for disabled

LED billboards

The LED screens are the solutions responding to the requirements and constraints of the dynamic display on large areas outdoor as well as indoor. Our group is a forerunner with this type of technology; We installed the first large LED advertising billboard (12 m²) in the streets of the Principality of Monaco already in 2004.

project case studies

study and evaluation of your wish, virtual project presentation

from the smallest pitch 1.9mm to a 25mm

a full range of screens from the incredible 1.9 mm until the 25 mm pitch. As your needs and your budget we are able to offer you the best solution.


our technical team will ensure all the necessary phases of the installation of your great LED display

maintenance and assistance

our team will be close to you and help you to familiarize with this new wonderful tool of communication. Also, our team will assure the screen handling in time

Monaco Advertising Network

LED lighting

LED lighting concept contribute to environmental objectives and participate actively at the initiative of prevention for the global warming conducted by the European Commission as accepted by the most countries by the agreements of Paris COP21 to reduce energy consumption. LED lighting offers innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption by improving the quality of lighting and enhancement products.

LED display rental

Our LED cabinets allow creating different formats. The screen size and resolution are particularly studied for events of great resonance. Our team will consider all your requests and will adapt to your requirements and technical constraints to offer you turnkey solution that suits you.


We do not need the Internet connection to broadcast the Multilanguage digital menu inside your restaurant, outside in your terrace or beach, anyone’s of your clients, connecting their Smartphone’s or tablet to the open HOTSPOT line will see the menu. This line transmits only the menu and nothing else. The special antenna assure a strong signal in 500 ft range

see a sample menu on your smatphone with this link


Monaco Video Media - AGFRACO S.A.M.

Head Office and Management

30, boulevard Princesse Charlotte, Monaco zip98000 - Principality of Monaco


switchboard : +377 9797 5252 - Fax : +377 9797 3055 - skype : mvm-sam


c/o SOMO S.A.M. - 6, impasse de la carriere - Monaco - zip98000 - Principality of Monaco tel. : +377 9797 3050

company legal status

société anonyme monégasque (SAM) heald on 4/12/1961 - share capital € 150.000 -- INTRACOM TVA FR 77 0000 1945 4 -- R.C.I. 61S01008


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